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The Sienna Takes on Washington DC!

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The 2017 Toyota Sienna has some new changes that help further improve driving and handling, thanks to direct injection and an 8-speed automatic transmission. With all the excitement surrounding the Sienna, our Customer Relations Manager, Marina, put the Sienna to the test and took it on a road trip to Washington DC with her friends!

Eight girls met up for a weekend getaway, and everyone was required to pack lightly. Turns out the word lightly is a relative term. You always need extra backup outfits for your backup outfits, just in case. They loaded up the trunk with their luggage, and to their surprise, they had more than enough room to spare. The Sienna has two sliding doors to easily load and unload everyone. Unique in its design, there is no compromise on legroom, even for the back-row passengers! With no debate on who will sit where they buckled up and headed off to DC!

The weekend fun was initiated with some classic car karaoke. From setting up the radio stations to hooking up an iPod with an auxiliary cord, and connecting their phones with Bluetooth, they always had their favorite music playing.  They discovered that among the eight of them, they had a wide range in musical taste; including some classic Frank Sinatra, 90’s throwbacks, and some pop music. With eight JBL speakers installed throughout, the music was loud enough to enjoy and mask everyone’s terrible singing.

When they finally arrived, they didn’t waste any time and went straight to the Lincoln Memorial, beautifully lit up all night long. The next day they went from monument, to museum, to restaurant, and did the same cycle again. The Sienna took them EVERYWHERE!

The Renwick is a contemporary art museum that is a MUST VISIT!

The DC streets are always crowded with people and cars. Both standard and other available features helped to confidently park and navigate through the busy roads. The backup camera and Blind Spot Monitoring were two features that made getting around easy. It was like having an extra set of eyes always helping you on the road. The fan favorite feature was the parking sensor sonars, which helped park the Sienna in tight spaces, so they never had to forfeit a good parking spot!

Washington DC was a blast, and the Sienna was the perfect car to take down with a bunch of friends and get from place to place! We hope our staff’s mini-weekend getaway inspires you to plan one with your family and friends!


New Car Seat Laws!

2015 Toyota Sienna

As summer begins to wind down, parents and students alike are getting ready to go back to school. But, the leaves aren’t the only things changing this fall. The car seat legislation has been revised and will officially be implemented this month.



Here are the new rules:

Infant to age 2:

Children must be placed in a five point harness car seat that faces the rear if the child is under 30 Ibs and under the age of 2.

Once the child has exceeded weight and age limit, the car seat can be face forward.


Ages 2 – 4

Children under the age of 4 or under 40 lbs must remain in either a rear facing or a forward facing car seat with a five point harness in the back seat of a vehicle.

Once the child has exceeded the weight or age limited, they can switch to a booster seat.

Placing the car seat inside the Sienna

Ages 4 – 8:

Children under the age of 8 or 57 inches tall must remain in the back of the vehicle in a booster seat.

Once the child has exceeded that weight and height, they are eligible to use a regular seat belt.


When can a child sit in the front seat?

If the vehicle does not have a back seat such as a pickup truck or sports car; car seat and booster seat regulations still apply.

Also, the vehicle passenger-side airbag must be disabled if a rear facing car seat is strapped into the front seat of the vehicle


What if you don’t comply?

Those who don’t follow the new laws will face fines ranging from $50- 75.

We wish everyone a safe and successful school year!


National Night Out!




On August 4th 2015 we were honored to work with the Green Brook Police Department for National Night Out! This event is held annually as a community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie.

The same day Toyota Motor Sales was at the dealership to congratulate us on completing our renovation project. Kevin Curran and his staff came to tour the facility and present Michael Rendine, General Manager with a donation in his honor to the N.J. Survivor & Welfare Fund.

Crystal Auto Mall always supports the local Police Department and they matched the funds making the donation a really special event. Green Brook PBA President Adam Siedel and Officer Dan Lanzafama were presented both checks.

From left to right: Kevin Curran, Adam Siedal, Dan Lanzafama, and Michael Rendine

After the presentation, both the officers and I hurried over to the Green Brook Middle School to set up for the National Night out event.

It was great meeting the residents and catching up with some of our  own customers. I set up our station with a 2015 Toyota Sienna, I brought all kinds of giveaways and sweet treats!

We brought sporty drawstring bags, with water bottles and other awesome gifts inside!


The Sienna was like a mini playground on wheels; the kids loved climbing through, playing in the trunk, and pretending to drive.



To my surprise, the Sienna was a bigger attraction than the bouncy houses! Children proudly wore their police badges Crystal helped give them, as they used the giant touch screen to call for back-up to help save the day!



For others, the Sienna was a great place to relax and recharge before their next adventure. One particular kid found it so comfortable he didn’t want to leave; until it was time to eat…then his mom forced him out.

We went on some CRAZY adventures with the Sienna! TO THE RESCUE!!

Parents loved the Sienna as well! Many of them are already proud Crystal Toyota owners. As they approached our table, before introducing themselves, many of them greeted me saying, “This reminds me that I need to schedule my next service!” I was glad to serve as a friendly reminder.

Towards the end, I played an intense one-on-one soccer game. With regret, I lost.

Overall, the day was spent with amazing people! We loved working with the Police Department and reaching out to the local community.