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Thanksgiving Party Ideas!

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If your social media is flooded with red Starbucks cups and your senses are overwhelmed with minty evergreen and cinnamon scents, don’t be alarmed, it means the holidays are officially here! Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Here are a few fun game ideas, so you can share the memories at the next family gathering!  

  1. Shake your tailfeather!


You may also know this game as the tissue box game, but we added a Thanksgiving flare. Empty a tissue box for each player and replace the tissues with craft feathers. Tape a pair of pantyhose or thick ribbon onto each box so the box is in the middle of the pantyhose. To play, give each player a box tied with pantyhose and have them tie the pantyhose around their waist so the tissue box is on their backside. Players must move around and shake, shake, shake until all of the feathers fall out of their tissue box. First person to empty out all the feathers wins!

  1. Feast or Football

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Give each player mini footballs and line up a bunch of large pots and pans, on the other side of the room, all at varying lengths. Dishes toward the back of the room are worth 7 points, dishes in the middle are worth 3, and dishes closest to the players are worth 1 point. Players have one minute to throw the footballs into the dishes, scoring as many points as possible . Or have teams play simultaneously by using different colored footballs, and see who can get to 21 points first. 

  1. Thanksgiving dinner

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This is great game which tests your memory and requires very little physical activity, perfect for the post-meal recovery! Everyone gets together and sits in a circle. The first person starts off by saying “At Thanksgiving I like to eat turkey.” Then the next person says the same thing but adds another dish. This continues all the way around the circle with each person reciting the dishes in the exact order they have been given and then adding a new one. If a player makes a mistake they slide out of the circle and the game continues. The person left who can perfectly recite the Thanksgiving menu wins.

We hope these games spice up your Thanksgiving party! Stay tuned for next week’s blog 🙂 


Snow Storm Tips!

If you’re from New Jersey and/or the east coast, you may have experienced a huge snow blizzard at some point. Although Winter Storm Jonas has passed, we continue to tread through the winter season, so we can still expect some more flurries to say the least.

Here are a few tips to help you get through your next snow storm!

  1. Invest in Netflixnetflix

You can binge watch a classic like Friends, or start a newer show like Scandal. Netflix is a great entertainment investment that hosts many movies and TV show options for you and the family. Don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself eight episodes in; just keep watching until you can’t watch anymore.

  1. Pick out a popular book!mindy

You have the time, and after binge watching your favorite show, you may feel like you need to make up for time spent in front of the TV by doing something a little more productive. Pick out a book! Once you get started and get deep into it, you won’t want to stop (just like your TV show). If you want to find a balance of a great television entertainment and a book, pick one up by Mindy Kaling’s, they’re hysterical and inspirational!

  1. Buy a good game!Settlers-of-Catan-Memes3

I recently started playing with my friends Settlers of Catan. You get to build a mini community where you need to trade items and resources in order to further build your settlement. It’s fun and intense! Unlike monopoly, it doesn’t take as long. Pick out a a few games ahead of time, they come in handy with or without being trapped inside from the snow!

  1. Bread and milk! bread and milk

Make sure you visit the supermarket a few days in advance so you can make sure you get all the items that you need! When snowed in, it is tempting to eat whatever is available, so do your best to stack up on some healthy snacks.

Stay warm, everyone and make the most of your snow days!