The Light at the end of… Construction

We all know that construction is a hassle, whether it’s construction on the road or renovation in your own home, we all long to see the final project! Trust us; between the noise, dust, and all around inconvenience, we can’t wait for our construction to finally finish too!

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Make sure to check out our video that shows you what to expect when coming in for service during our renovation phase! Click the link here:

So as we wait together, here is a list of new things to expect!

Double the Service!

Yes we know, waiting sticks. After construction, we will have one service area for Toyota and a separate one for Mazda…which means less wait time, faster service, and superb quality.

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BIGGER showroom space!

We have a wide selection of vehicles, and we are THRILLED to be able to share more of our newest models inside.

 A Café!


Bigger space, efficient service, and the same hard-working staff committed to helping you – so please bear with us, it will be worth it!



Favorite Cars from Fast and Furious!

The Fast and Furious saga is popular for its action and awesome cars. In honor of the seventh film, here is a list of the top 5 Crystal faves!

1. Lykan Hypersport

Made in the Middle East by W Motors, you can expect to see this incredible vehicle in Furious 7. If you’re interested in purchasing this extremely exclusive vehicle, make sure to save up $3.7 MILLION DOLLARS – yes, you read the correctly.

2. 1997 Mazda RX7 (Ok, ok, this is a biased choice!)


With its rotary engine, this sporty vehicle makes an appearance in more than one film! In case you want to live vicariously through Fast and Furious, come see our selection!

3. 2012 Lucra LC470

A little over 2,000 pounds, this beauty reaches 60 miles in 2.5 seconds!

4. Ferrari 458 Italia

Everyone loves an Italian vehicle! Interesting Fact: Enzo Ferrari, the founder, learned to drive at 13 years old!

5. 2014 Maserati Ghibli

You can expect to see this car in the new movie as well! Fun Fact: Ghilbi translates to Mediterranean wind.

Thank you for your patience!


Thank you for your patience!

This post is dedicated to all our faithful and patient customers! As you may or may not know, Crystal Auto Mall has been undergoing a huge construction project. As we grow and expand, we always keep our customers in mind. With the end of construction near (crossing our fingers to be done by April!), we are very excited to continue providing excellent service for all our customers in our newly renovated home!

What exactly as we constructing? Good question! We are making our service department much bigger and comfortable so we can offer more services at a lot less wait time. We hope you are just as excited as us for these new changes because at the end of the day, our casa is su casa. Hang in there with us!

Crystal Clear Pricing is a reality at Crystal Auto Mall!