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It’s ON!

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Holiday lights and holiday cheer are turned on this month! But what makes December jingle a little harder and a bit merrier? The annual Toyotathon! The most anticipated event of the year is finally here to help you get out of the old and in with the new.

The new year is right around the corner, and Toyota wants you to take full advantage of its special offers on the new ’18 models and the remaining ’17 models.

With special incentives, holiday cash and even 0% APR available on select vehicles, Toyotathon is the perfect event to help make this holiday special for yourself and your loved ones.

Every new Toyota purchase comes with complimentary maintenance service for two years or 25,000 miles, making the holiday a little sweeter.

So, if you got your eye on that on that new Camry for mom, or the spacious Highlander for yourself, jingle all the way to Crystal Toyota.

Happy Holidays!!



We are proud to host the first ever New Jersey Dealers Care USO BBQ for the Troops, co-sponsored with NJ Cars. It is a FREE barbecue open to our neighbors and local community members. Join us this Saturday, July 15th, 2017 from 11 AM – 2 PM for delicious food, a chance to win awesome prizes, and games with the staff of Magic 98.3!

In honor of the United Services Organizations (USO) we are accepting donations. All proceeds will go to the soldiers and military families supported by the USO.

Bring your family and friends to enjoy a great meal and the chance to will awesome raffle prizes like tickets to the heart of Broadway to see the Gazillion Bubble Show and The Imbible and the ultimate summer gift baskets!

Mark your calendars, we look forward to seeing you at the BBQ!

The Sienna Takes on Washington DC!

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The 2017 Toyota Sienna has some new changes that help further improve driving and handling, thanks to direct injection and an 8-speed automatic transmission. With all the excitement surrounding the Sienna, our Customer Relations Manager, Marina, put the Sienna to the test and took it on a road trip to Washington DC with her friends!

Eight girls met up for a weekend getaway, and everyone was required to pack lightly. Turns out the word lightly is a relative term. You always need extra backup outfits for your backup outfits, just in case. They loaded up the trunk with their luggage, and to their surprise, they had more than enough room to spare. The Sienna has two sliding doors to easily load and unload everyone. Unique in its design, there is no compromise on legroom, even for the back-row passengers! With no debate on who will sit where they buckled up and headed off to DC!

The weekend fun was initiated with some classic car karaoke. From setting up the radio stations to hooking up an iPod with an auxiliary cord, and connecting their phones with Bluetooth, they always had their favorite music playing.  They discovered that among the eight of them, they had a wide range in musical taste; including some classic Frank Sinatra, 90’s throwbacks, and some pop music. With eight JBL speakers installed throughout, the music was loud enough to enjoy and mask everyone’s terrible singing.

When they finally arrived, they didn’t waste any time and went straight to the Lincoln Memorial, beautifully lit up all night long. The next day they went from monument, to museum, to restaurant, and did the same cycle again. The Sienna took them EVERYWHERE!

The Renwick is a contemporary art museum that is a MUST VISIT!

The DC streets are always crowded with people and cars. Both standard and other available features helped to confidently park and navigate through the busy roads. The backup camera and Blind Spot Monitoring were two features that made getting around easy. It was like having an extra set of eyes always helping you on the road. The fan favorite feature was the parking sensor sonars, which helped park the Sienna in tight spaces, so they never had to forfeit a good parking spot!

Washington DC was a blast, and the Sienna was the perfect car to take down with a bunch of friends and get from place to place! We hope our staff’s mini-weekend getaway inspires you to plan one with your family and friends!

Brace Yourself – Stella is Coming!

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It seems like winter is leaving us with a bang! We are expecting a nor’easter blizzard tomorrow. If you haven’t witnessed the madness in your local supermarket, make sure to do so before Stella locks us up!

Even though it’s e nice to have a day off, it’s easy to have the day just pass by without it being productive. Here are a few ways to take advantage of your snow day!

Read!Image result for reading by the fire

Get a copy of that book you have always wanted to read. Grab a New York Times best-seller like The Whistler by John Grisham or Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. Check out the full list here!  For all the online readers, find a blogger with a similar interest or get a few magazines for a fun and easy read to keep your brain in motion!

Work out!

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It’s easy to get lazy on a snow day, but there are a lot of at home workouts you can do without any equipment. Allocate a specific time in the day for your workout so you are more likely to commit. Click here for a list of exercises!  

Which leads to my pro-tip,

Binge watch guilt-free!

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We all deserve some time to wind down and engulf into a great series. From a television classic like Friends or a Netflix original like Stranger Things, there are many great shows to choose from to fulfill your binge craving. So, go ahead, watch until you can’t watch anymore!


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Soup is delicious and easy to make. It’s a light meal that will keep you full and warm you up! If you feel adventurous, test the kitchen waters with new recipes. You have the time to cook…and clean up afterward!

Spring Cleaning!

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It may not look for feel like spring, but this is the best time to go through your closet and bedroom to get rid of the old stuff you don’t want and make room for the new.  Separate belongings in different bags, of things that can be tossed out and things that can be donated!

Hope everyone enjoys their stormy day off! Stay warm and stay safe!

Favorite Holiday Memories!


In the pandemonium of buying and wrapping gifts, cooking, and getting ready for the holidays, it’s always nice to reminisce on favorite holiday memories with our loved ones! Our staff travels down memory lane sharing their favorite holiday memory!

Carlos Rodrigues, Toyota Service Managercarlos

“One of my favorite memories was my oldest son’s first Christmas. We bought him a pair of Nike sneakers in September when he was born, but by the time Christmas came around he outgrew them, so we hung the shoes as an ornament. Twenty-eight years later, we still hang them on the Christmas tree!”

Marquise Grant, Toyota Sales Consultant


“One of my favorite Christmas memories was when my mom got me the drum-set I always wanted. She regretted it after.”

Marina Tadros, Customer Relations Manager


“My favorite Christmas memory was the year my friends and I played a very intense game of Monopoly until 4 AM. But by that time, I don’t think we were still friends anymore.”

Ed Lopez, Sales Manager 


“My favorite Christmas memory was my first Christmas back home with my family after having spent the past two holidays overseas with my fellow Marines, OOHRAH! I am wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!”

Alan Mine, Toyota Service Advisor 


When my daughter was five, we drove early Christmas morning together to pick up grandma. As we were driving the empty roads she said, “Dad, we have the whole world to ourselves!” It was such a special moment!

Brian Castellon, Finance Advisor 


“I am super excited for Christmas this year because I am visiting my daughter…but it’s a surprise!”


Happy Holidays, everyone!

What are You Thankful for?!

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Thanksgiving is close enough you can taste the turkey! Every year brings its joys and sorrows, but it is always important to be thankful for the special things we have in our lives. Here is what our staff is thankful for!

Steve Weiss, Sales Manager


 “I’m grateful for my wife and kids…and to have my parents live close enough to help me out with the kids!”

Tyler Getz, Internet Sales Department


“I’m thankful to be working with a great team…and my pumpkin spice latte!”

Jisell Rincon, Service Business Development Center


“I am thankful for my family because there is never a dull moment with them!”

Thomas Scheurer, Toyota Technician


“I’m grateful for the opportunity to work and do something that I love.”

Lacy Hobbs, Concierge


“I’m thankful for my friends because they are always there when I need them.”

Andres Rojas, Mazda Service Advisor


“I’m thankful to have great people in my life.”


We wish you all a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Party Ideas!

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If your social media is flooded with red Starbucks cups and your senses are overwhelmed with minty evergreen and cinnamon scents, don’t be alarmed, it means the holidays are officially here! Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Here are a few fun game ideas, so you can share the memories at the next family gathering!  

  1. Shake your tailfeather!


You may also know this game as the tissue box game, but we added a Thanksgiving flare. Empty a tissue box for each player and replace the tissues with craft feathers. Tape a pair of pantyhose or thick ribbon onto each box so the box is in the middle of the pantyhose. To play, give each player a box tied with pantyhose and have them tie the pantyhose around their waist so the tissue box is on their backside. Players must move around and shake, shake, shake until all of the feathers fall out of their tissue box. First person to empty out all the feathers wins!

  1. Feast or Football

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Give each player mini footballs and line up a bunch of large pots and pans, on the other side of the room, all at varying lengths. Dishes toward the back of the room are worth 7 points, dishes in the middle are worth 3, and dishes closest to the players are worth 1 point. Players have one minute to throw the footballs into the dishes, scoring as many points as possible . Or have teams play simultaneously by using different colored footballs, and see who can get to 21 points first. 

  1. Thanksgiving dinner

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This is great game which tests your memory and requires very little physical activity, perfect for the post-meal recovery! Everyone gets together and sits in a circle. The first person starts off by saying “At Thanksgiving I like to eat turkey.” Then the next person says the same thing but adds another dish. This continues all the way around the circle with each person reciting the dishes in the exact order they have been given and then adding a new one. If a player makes a mistake they slide out of the circle and the game continues. The person left who can perfectly recite the Thanksgiving menu wins.

We hope these games spice up your Thanksgiving party! Stay tuned for next week’s blog 🙂