Interesting Traffic Laws Across America!

Remember the time you got a traffic and it totally wasn’t your fault/you didn’t know? Many of us have been there and done that. No matter where your hometown is, there is always a traffic law that has us huffing and puffing, wishing the police would cut us a break.

But all across America, you will find wackier traffic laws than slowing down for a yellow light.

Check out five these interesting and eye-brow raising traffic laws across the United States!

  1. It is illegal to use the road as a bed in Eureka, California. So, if you were planning on staying up to watch the stars, make sure to move into the grassy area!
  2. You’re not allowed to ride a camel on the freeway in Nevada. But if you were, you would probably still have a to pay the toll.
  3. It is illegal to disrobe while in your car in Sag Harbor, New York.
  4. In West Virginia, it is legal to scavenge roadkill…if you want to try something new for dinner.
  5. In Rockville, Maryland, swearing from a vehicle is considered a misdemeanor – don’t let your road rage get the best of you!

No matter where you are traveling to and from, make sure to always practice safe driving habits!


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