Teachers Who Make Magic!


The annual Teachers Who Make Magic event hosted by Magic 98.3 was held last week at the Pines Manor in Edison, New Jersey.


This year, we brought along the 2016 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring. With its engaging driving experience, anyone can enjoy great features like the automatic chair adjustment and steering wheel volume control.  If you are a music blasting driver like me, you will love the sound system! Plus, the interior lighting helps make your last minute makeup application look…not so last minute.


The night honored certain teachers who have made a big difference in the lives of their students; from teacher’s who fought for better supplies and those who tirelessly stayed after school to help their students. It is an event which reminds us how important of an impact teachers have on children who grow up to be the very people that make a difference in the future. There was no better person to bring along than my dear friend Maryam, who is a middle school English teacher.

There is no event without a selfie! (And no, we are not sisters)

She hopped in the CX-5 as we pulled to the venue, and she was nothing short of impressed!  I think I found a future customer.

Through cocktail hour and dinner, we had the pleasure to meet some of the teachers and their families. After a wonderful evening, we both headed home in the CX-5 with the LED headlights paving the path with every turn.

On behalf of Crystal Auto Mall, we thank all the hardworking teachers who surpass the obstacles to see their students excel!


Baseball Season in Full Swing!

Baseball season is in full swing! The two New York teams have some of the greatest and most committed fans out there.

Here are some interesting facts about the Mets and Yankees!


  • They are the 2015 National League Champions
  • They could have been called the Bees! It was one of the options when thinking of a team name among the Islanders, the Continentals, the Meadowlarks and the Avengers, and others.
  • The Mascot was once a mule
  • They have been in three out of the 10 longest games in MLB history
  • The Mets insignia incorporates a number of regional elements. For example, the bridge represents the five boroughs, a church spire on the far left symbolizes Brooklyn.
  • Harry Chiti was acquired from the Cleveland Indians on April 25, 1962 for a player to be named later. The player to be named later… was Chiti. He was traded for himself.


  • The Yankees have won 27 World Series Championships
  • They were the first team in MLB hisoty to hit three Grand Slams by one team in the same game in 2011
  • Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson are the only players to hit three home runs in a world series game
  • Yogi Berra wan a record 10 World Series as a Yankee player and appeared in 75 Fall Classic games, the most of all time.
  • Whitney Ford is one of two pitches who pitched 146 innings in his World Series career.
  • In 1903—1913 the team name was the Highlanders, it was then changed to the Yankees.

Interesting Traffic Laws Across America!

Remember the time you got a traffic and it totally wasn’t your fault/you didn’t know? Many of us have been there and done that. No matter where your hometown is, there is always a traffic law that has us huffing and puffing, wishing the police would cut us a break.

But all across America, you will find wackier traffic laws than slowing down for a yellow light.

Check out five these interesting and eye-brow raising traffic laws across the United States!

  1. It is illegal to use the road as a bed in Eureka, California. So, if you were planning on staying up to watch the stars, make sure to move into the grassy area!
  2. You’re not allowed to ride a camel on the freeway in Nevada. But if you were, you would probably still have a to pay the toll.
  3. It is illegal to disrobe while in your car in Sag Harbor, New York.
  4. In West Virginia, it is legal to scavenge roadkill…if you want to try something new for dinner.
  5. In Rockville, Maryland, swearing from a vehicle is considered a misdemeanor – don’t let your road rage get the best of you!

No matter where you are traveling to and from, make sure to always practice safe driving habits!

Kidfest 2016!

One of our favorite events of the year is Kidfest, which took place a couple of weeks ago at the Rutgers gymnasium on College Ave! Local families visit for food and fun. I always have a blast meeting new people and getting to see John Pizzi a talented and hilarious ventriloquist, who was one of America’s Got Talent finalists.

We brought along the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Limited which drew a lot of attention! Although I drove the 2015 RAV4 previously, I noticed improvements that made the drive even more enjoyable. The sound system is clear and has a surround sound. The drive itself was very smooth, whether it was RT 287 or the tight and busy streets of New Brunswick, I felt like a had great control on the road.


The automatic trunk, roof rack, and leather seats were just a few features that drew attention from everyone.

Our candy table was very popular!

Not only did I get to meet new people, but I ran into some familiar faces including some of our very own customers.

But first, let me take a selfie!
These kids put on a great performance!

Kidfest is always one event Crystal Auto Mall looks forward to
participating in, and I can’t wait to see what is in store for next year!