Meet our Business Development Center Team!


At a dealership, you know there is the sales department with staff to help you pick out a car, the finance department to help you pick an insurance plan, and the service department which you know is there to service your vehicle.

But there is one department that you may not know as well, the Business Development Center, or BDC for short!

There is a lot of work that gets funneled through the BDC, and it is comprised of extended branches of the sales and service departments, and also includes marketing.

In the BDC you will find our Internet Sales Team, the very people that make car buying easy!

Meet Matt, Gregg, Luis, Tyler, and Jeff, they help you prepare in advance before coming in to test drive their vehicle.

If you have questions on models, prices, features, and corporate promotions, these are your go to people! They prepare you with all the information you need to make choosing and buying a car easy. You can call them, chat, or even text them through our website. They work closely with the BDC manager for vehicle pricing.  They help you compare models so you can confidently decide what is better for you and your budget.

They know the Mazda and Toyota model line like the back of their hand…which they know very well.

They make an appointment for you and prepare a folder with important information so that when you come in to test drive and pick up your car, the whole process goes smoothly from A – Z.

On the other side, is the service team. Meet Brittany and Cristina, they take your service appointments, and help facilitate anything you may need for service!

Our marketing team also works in the BDC!

If you see a Tweet, Facebook post, Instagram picture, Pin, Blog, make sure to comment, we would love to hear from you!

Yours truly, Marina Tadros!

Lastly, meet the BDC Manager, David – he works hard to make sure customers’ get the best sales and servicing experience!

David Zuniga

The BDC is at your service!


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