Did you know? Leprechaun Edition!

It’s the luckiest week of the year! Since St. Patrick’s Day was this week, many people and cities celebrated with their green outfits, temporary four-leaf clover tattoos, and a beverage…or two.

One of the most famous figures associated with St. Patrick’s Day is the Leprechaun! For mythical creatures, there is a lot to learn about them and their little world! Hopefully knowing more about them will help us get closer to a pot of gold or the chance to make three wishes!

They are always dressed to the nine!

They are always wearing suits, a hat, and maybe even smoking a cigar with their fancy attire. But they may not always be wearing green, sometimes you can catch them wearing red!

They live in a large network of caves!

It’s a leprechaun’s nightmare to be captured by a human! Often the entrances to their caves are disguised as rabbit holes or tree hollows…be careful not to damage them or that’s a lifetime of bad luck!

They love music!    

Leprechauns know how to have a good time! They play various instruments like tin whistles, fiddles and the Irish harp. They have a few dance moves up their sleeves too.

So, if you come across a pot of gold, just remember that sharing is caring! Hope you all had a fun St. Patty’s Day!


Evolution of the Corolla!

Toyota has gained its reputation for building long lasting cars and it all started with the Corolla. The name Corolla was carefully chosen by Tatsuo Hasegawa, the Chief Engineer at the time, which originates from Latin meaning “crown of flowers.”

For over 50 years the Corolla has stood against the test of time, being an affordable and good quality vehicle. The Corolla was one of the first cars to include safety features like the rear back-up lights. The Toyota Corolla continues to be awarded for its innovation.

Let’s take a travel back in time to see how the Corolla has evolved through the decades!

First Generation:

First Generation (1968-1969)
  • the 1968 Corolla was the smallest car Toyota had sold in America up until that time!
  • Prices started under $1,700…the price of Louis Vuitton bag now!

Second Generation:

  •  The sporty SR5 models with five-speed manual transmissions are introduced

Third Generation:

  • The Catalytic converter included in the Corolla for the first time!
  • New Three-door hatchback was added in 1976

Fourth Generation:

  • In 1983 a new 1.6 liter overhead cam engine was included, offering a smoother, more powerful drive

Fifth Generation:

  • The Corolla GT-S became to a fun-drive-vehicle growing in popularity among drifters

Sixth Generation:

  • An entry level standard sedan is introduced to the line-up

Seventh Generation:

  • In 1993, the Corolla sedan and wagon moved up a size classification from “subcompact” to “compact”
  • By the end of 1997, corolla became the best-selling nameplate in automotive history, kicking its competitor the VW Beetle to the curb.

Eighth Generation:

  • The fuel economy improved by 10% from the previous generation with 31/38 mpg
  • It’s very common to still see an eighth generation Corolla on the road!

Ninth Generation:

  • Designed to attract a younger audience which eventually led to the creation of Scion
  • JBL stereo is added to the option of features

Tenth Generation:

  • The back-up camera becomes a standard feature
  • 2016 Toyota Corolla Received the NHTSA 5-Star Overall Safety Rating
  • 2016 Toyota Corolla Was Named a Best Buy Award Finalist by Kelley Blue Book’s KBB.com

Meet our Business Development Center Team!


At a dealership, you know there is the sales department with staff to help you pick out a car, the finance department to help you pick an insurance plan, and the service department which you know is there to service your vehicle.

But there is one department that you may not know as well, the Business Development Center, or BDC for short!

There is a lot of work that gets funneled through the BDC, and it is comprised of extended branches of the sales and service departments, and also includes marketing.

In the BDC you will find our Internet Sales Team, the very people that make car buying easy!

Meet Matt, Gregg, Luis, Tyler, and Jeff, they help you prepare in advance before coming in to test drive their vehicle.

If you have questions on models, prices, features, and corporate promotions, these are your go to people! They prepare you with all the information you need to make choosing and buying a car easy. You can call them, chat, or even text them through our website. They work closely with the BDC manager for vehicle pricing.  They help you compare models so you can confidently decide what is better for you and your budget.

They know the Mazda and Toyota model line like the back of their hand…which they know very well.

They make an appointment for you and prepare a folder with important information so that when you come in to test drive and pick up your car, the whole process goes smoothly from A – Z.

On the other side, is the service team. Meet Brittany and Cristina, they take your service appointments, and help facilitate anything you may need for service!

Our marketing team also works in the BDC!

If you see a Tweet, Facebook post, Instagram picture, Pin, Blog, make sure to comment, we would love to hear from you!

Yours truly, Marina Tadros!

Lastly, meet the BDC Manager, David – he works hard to make sure customers’ get the best sales and servicing experience!

David Zuniga

The BDC is at your service!