The CX-9 is Blossoming this Spring!

9 header - Copy

Mazda carefully crafts each of its vehicles; the newly designed CX-9 that’s coming out this spring is making us all blossom with joy!

The CX-9 has not been drastically remodeled for about 10 years, but the newly redesigned popular Mazda model was totally worth the wait!

To begin with, Mazda conducted massive research to learn and understand how consumers use a three-rowed vehicle. It has been redesigned to work with the popular driving patterns and needs of these consumers.

9 back - Copy

The CX-9 is about a couple hundred pounds lighter, with a significantly lighter chassis, both which factor for better performance and refinement. The vehicle now uses a 2.5-liter-four-cylinder engine (previously a V-6 engine), which is the first turbocharging application to Mazda’s Skyactiv engine line. The new engine has increased the CX-9’s fuel economy by about 20%, with 22/28 mpg with Front Wheel Drive, and 21/27 for AWD.


The wheelbase is now 2.2 inches longer, increasing legroom for passengers and making entering and exiting the third row passenger seats easier.

9 headlight - Copy

With huge design changes comes new awesome available features! Now, the CX-9 comes standard with a 7” display screen and an optional 8” screen. There are four USB ports, two in the front and two in the back, so you don’t have to wait long to charge your phone. New safety features offered in the iActivesense safety suite, like the lane-keeping assist and departure warning.

However, the biggest surprise is the new trim-level option, Signature. This top trim offers a more luxurious look with Napa leather, aluminum accents, and rosewood trim.

9 inside - Copy

Expected to be on the lot within the next couple of weeks or so, the CX-9 is the best thing to bloom this spring!


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