Get Yourself and Your Car in Shape!


Now that the holiday commotion has simmered down, it’s time to put the champagne and eggnog to the side, and get back on the fitness track!

Here are a few tips to help you get you and your car into shape!

  1. Fluids are important!

    many bottles
    2016 Highlander

Be conscious of how much water you drink, it is recommended to drink eight 8- ounce glasses a day! Not only will it keep you hydrated and feeling full, but other benefits include promoting healthy skin and flushing out toxins. As for your car, make sure that you regularly change your oil and coolant system, so your car stays hydrated too!

  1. Get in the habit of a routine!


Creating a schedule that has a set time for a workout helps you stick the routine! Taking small steps, like waking up 20 minutes early for a walk is one way to lead you to victory! Once you get the in the habit of going to your scheduled workout, it will be hard to skip it. Likewise, scheduling routine maintenance is a great way to keep your car in shape and help detect any necessary tune ups early!

  1. Watch your intake!Input-Output-Event-Logo

When good goes in, good comes out, right? Small changes to diet like adding vegetables to daily meals, and portioning sugar intake are small adjustments that make a big difference! Your car deserves the same treatment. Using certified Toyota and Mazda products, fluids, and trained technicians will help your car stay in great shape.


Applying these easy tips will make a huge difference in appearance, performance, and help you and your car run longer. Before we know it, spring and summer will sneak up behind us, but you and your car will be ready to flex!


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