The Holidays are around the corner! With all the hustle and bustle happening around us – it is important to take the time to reflect on all that we have and extend a helping hand when we can! Our friends at Exquisite Hair Design in Roselle Park hosted a Cut-A-Thon on December 6th.

Some of the friendly staff!

The Cut-A-Thon was hosted to raise money for stem cell therapy to treat autism for a child named Matthew.  Unfortunately, this treatment is not covered by insurance and is very expensive; so Exquisite Hair Design stepped up to help the family out. That day, all the money raised from haircuts, blowouts, and tips all went to help Matthew and his family!

Matthew, in the middle, and his family!

We sent over a giant gift basket for a raffle prize!

Congratulations Anabella, the winner of our gift basket!

Thanks to everyone who supported the Cut-A-Thon! We wish Matthew and his family all the best!

Sue, our Crystal Staff member, and her family supporting the cause!

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