Kids Who Make Magic – 2015!

IMG_0945Magic 98.3 hosted their annual Kids Who Make Magic event, where parents, teachers, and other leaders nominated a kid who they felt made a big difference in their community. The winners chosen were honored at dinner at the Pines Manor in Edison, NJ.

Our gifts for the honored kids!
2015 Toyota Highlander

Luis, an internet sales representative, and I went together in a Toyota Highlander to celebrate such amazing young people. The night started off with a meet and greet where we had the opportunity to chat with the kids and their families.

Loving the bow tie!

The hosts introduced each kid and gave a brief description of what they did. From a cancer survivor who visits and encourages other children fighting the same battle in his local hospital, to a student who raised over $10,000 dollars for autism research, these kids proved that age is just a number. It was so touching to learn of the selfless acts these kids do for others, and how they inspire the people around them to help others as well.

Honored to present one of the awards!

Later, John Pizza, an America’s Got Talent comedian and ventriloquist contestant, gave us a great performance.  Overall, we had a great time spending the evening with such amazing people. To all the kids we celebrated – keep on doing what you’re doing!


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