Happy Holidays from Crystal Auto Mall!

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Hello Everyone!

We want to wish you a Happy Holiday. This year has flown by! I can’t believe that the next blog will be for 2016!

For me personally, looking back on my first year spent with Crystal, I created many wonderful memories. I had great opportunities to get involved with the local community and meet some amazing people along the way!

Here at the office, I have gotten to know my hilarious coworkers and met some awesome customers. It was nice getting to meet the people I make appointments for over the phone.

Some of my favorite memories include taking the RAV4 for a weekend trip to Preakness in Baltimore and meeting the workers at our local food drive. Much has happened, and I am truly grateful to be part of such a great team.  The icing on the cake is being able to share all of that with you, my wonderful readers!

Even the company has seen some great changes this year, including the completion of our construction. Thank you to all our customers who have been so patient with us this past year, it means a lot to us that you were part of our journey in becoming better.

We hope you all have a wonderful Holiday. No matter how you are celebrating, we hope that your homes and families are filled with holiday cheer. May the New Year bring many more great things!

All the best,

From Marina Tadros and the Crystal Auto Mall family! 




Benefits of Financing a Car!

This is officially the last blog of the year before our Holiday special next week!

So to close the year here is  an explanation of  the benefits of financing a vehicle, an alternative to leasing.

The Rav4 (in white) and the Prius!

1. It stays with you!

Buying a car means you’re looking to keep it for the long haul. Toyota and Mazda build cars that last, giving you the most out of your purchase. If you want a car that will last you for the next five, ten, or twenty years, Crystal Auto Mall will help you find the perfect one at the right price!

2. Customize!

You can freely customize your car from the inside out.  So don’t think twice about getting that spoiler or those after-market wheels you have been eyeing!

3. End to monthly payments!

Once your car is paid for, you no longer have any more monthly payments.

4. Build Equity!

As you pay down your loan, you build equity in your car, which you can turn into a down payment on new wheels. Toyota vehicles have one of the highest trade-in values of any car on the market today.

If you’re in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, check out our selection and come in for a test drive!

The Mazda CX-3 (blue) and Mazda6!



The Holidays are around the corner! With all the hustle and bustle happening around us – it is important to take the time to reflect on all that we have and extend a helping hand when we can! Our friends at Exquisite Hair Design in Roselle Park hosted a Cut-A-Thon on December 6th.

Some of the friendly staff!

The Cut-A-Thon was hosted to raise money for stem cell therapy to treat autism for a child named Matthew.  Unfortunately, this treatment is not covered by insurance and is very expensive; so Exquisite Hair Design stepped up to help the family out. That day, all the money raised from haircuts, blowouts, and tips all went to help Matthew and his family!

Matthew, in the middle, and his family!

We sent over a giant gift basket for a raffle prize!

Congratulations Anabella, the winner of our gift basket!

Thanks to everyone who supported the Cut-A-Thon! We wish Matthew and his family all the best!

Sue, our Crystal Staff member, and her family supporting the cause!

Kids Who Make Magic – 2015!

IMG_0945Magic 98.3 hosted their annual Kids Who Make Magic event, where parents, teachers, and other leaders nominated a kid who they felt made a big difference in their community. The winners chosen were honored at dinner at the Pines Manor in Edison, NJ.

Our gifts for the honored kids!
2015 Toyota Highlander

Luis, an internet sales representative, and I went together in a Toyota Highlander to celebrate such amazing young people. The night started off with a meet and greet where we had the opportunity to chat with the kids and their families.

Loving the bow tie!

The hosts introduced each kid and gave a brief description of what they did. From a cancer survivor who visits and encourages other children fighting the same battle in his local hospital, to a student who raised over $10,000 dollars for autism research, these kids proved that age is just a number. It was so touching to learn of the selfless acts these kids do for others, and how they inspire the people around them to help others as well.

Honored to present one of the awards!

Later, John Pizza, an America’s Got Talent comedian and ventriloquist contestant, gave us a great performance.  Overall, we had a great time spending the evening with such amazing people. To all the kids we celebrated – keep on doing what you’re doing!