Happy Halloween!

Halloween is an exciting time for many! You get free candy and the opportunity to be creative and dress up as anything you want. So, I decided to share Halloween memories from our Crystal Auto Mall team with all of you!

Elias – Toyota Sales Rep


“I moved to America from El-Salvador when I was 8 years old, it was
the first time I ever celebrated Halloween. It was so much trick or treating for the first time! I dressed up as a vampire, had glow in the dark fangs, a cape, and everything.”

Patrick – Toyota Advisor

Classic photo bomb by our very own Alan Mine, Toyota adviser!

“When I was 16 years old, I broke my leg so I couldn’t trick or treat. My mom made me sit out on the porch and pass out candy to all the kids. My friends came over and made fun of me.”

Albert – Valet Team


“My favorite costume was when I dressed as Fred Flintstone!”

Dale – Parts Department


“Every year, I participate in Haunt for Hunger, where we set up a haunted house and the money raised goes to the local food bank. I always dress up as the scary guy with the chainsaw – gets everyone every time.”

Kenny – Mazda Tech


“My wife and I got married last year on Halloween. The ceremony was at our house, but we still passed out candy to all the kids!” – Happy Anniversary Kenny!!! –

We hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween!


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