Understanding Synthetic Oil!

An oil change is a basic, yet imperative maintenance service! There are three different options, conventional, synthetic blend, and full synthetic oil. It doesn’t matter how old or new your car is, every car benefits from using synthetic oil. You can always upgrade!

Synthetic oil is composed of refined, distilled, purified, and broken down basic molecules. The components of synthetic oil help remove impurities. These customized molecules are tailored to the demands of modern engines by allowing less friction, giving the engine longer life and better fuel economy.

What are the benefits of using synthetic oil?

  1. Keeps your engine cleaner because it better resists the formation of sludge, preventing deposits from forming in your engine.
  1. Offers great engine wear protection. Your engine works really… really hard. Engine parts are constantly in contact together and it gets very hot. Synthetic oil becomes a protective barrier for the engine parts and protects against the high temperatures within the motor, all which contribute to increased engine life.
  1. Protects important turbocharger parts. With recent innovations to engine designs, they are now built smaller for greater fuel efficiency, with turbochargers to boost power. To meet consumer demands for powerful fuel efficient vehicles, the turbocharger is put to a lot of work, spinning up to 200,000 revolutions per minute! Synthetic oil can quickly get to the shaft and other components to protect it, allowing the engine to consistently operate at peak performance and boost power.

Because synthetic oil lasts longer (up to 10,000 miles), you don’t have to change the oil as frequently, helping your busy day be a little less busy.


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