2016 Prius!

Put the speculation and rumors aside because the 2016 Prius is finally here!

The year 2015 has been huge for Toyota.  It makes us wonder what big things can we expect for next year?

From the very make that defined the hybrid, Toyota presents the completely redesigned, remodeled, revamped…re-everything Prius, raising the bar and exceeding expectations in fuel efficient vehicles. Let’s take a look at the transformation from the inside out!


Thermal efficiency has increased to more than 40% with an expected 10% improvement in EPA estimated MPG on core models and the battery is designed with higher-energy density. These changes contribute to increase in fuel efficiency, giving us more than 51 mpg.

Toyota was determined in busting hybrid stereotypes by increasing efficiency without compromising style. A few changes include a longer and sleeker side and lowered hood.

Toyota also wants us to look forward to driving the Prius every time we get on the road. The extension in length and width and the new double wishbone suspension are just a few factors that contribute to providing better control and exhilarating driving dynamics.

The Toyota Prius is the complete package, with style and efficiency. One of the most important vehicles of history…just made history again.



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