The Amazing Race!

The Amazing Race is one of my favorite shows. In a previous blog, I mentioned that Crystal Auto Mall supported the Somerset County Caper, a local version of the Amazing Race.  Residents traveled from park to park to learn about the environment, and a chance to win prizes.

In honor of the 27th season airing tonight (woot! woot!), I picked a few of my favorite countries from last year’s season and the perfect Toyota to help you travel through them!
If you are looking for ideas to add to your bucket list, this should help!

   Germany: Highlander

Germany is packed with exciting and adventurous things. There is no better place to celebrate the start of autumn than at Oktoberfest. It’s the chance to meet the locals and get a great inside look into German food, drinks, and music! There are majestic castles located on top of mountains with breathtaking views. With plenty to see, you’re going to need a car that can keep up with every terrain and big enough to fit the friends you came with and the new ones you made.

East, drink, and be merry!

   France: Corolla


There are many places to go and people to see in one of the most romantic countries. With gourmet food, museums, and monuments, France is always engaging your senses. The teams got to travel to the famous beaches in Nice, where the water is crystal blue and the shores are pebbly. The Corolla is compact enough to take you from site to site, so you don’t miss a thing.

Beautiful beach! Sand and pebble shores

   Namibia: Tacoma


It is known as the home to the oldest desert in the world, the Namibia Desert. You’re probably wondering what you could do there. Well, the teams took part in sand skiing, which looked like a blast!  I am totally adding that my bucket list.  The Tacoma is big enough to pack your skis and plenty of water, yet durable enough to cross over every sandy mile.

I want to do this!


Hopefully this season will be filled with exciting things that inspire us to travel!


Busting the Myths!

There are common misconceptions about dealerships; so we want to shed some light to help you kick those myths to the curb!

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind!

  1. Don’t wait until the end of the month!

With your preparation and our special deals, you don’t need to rush in at the end of the month to save big bucks.  If you come in any day of the month, I guarantee you will get a great deal. You can always take advantage of our amazing sales at any moment, so don’t force yourself to wait until the end of the month. Come in any day and seize the opportunity for great Crystal savings!

  1. Discount Dealer sites can be misleading

Although it is important do to research beforehand, be wary of aggressive pricing from dealer discount sites because they may not be realistic, or offer prices on vehicles that are not available. Come to the dealer first for a price on the car you want,  without having any surprises.

  1. You should service your vehicle outside the dealership

Would you ever go to a non-licensed doctor for a checkup? I didn’t think so. There is no one better to service your vehicle than a manufacturer trained technician that uses genuine products. With our complimentary multi-point inspection, we thoroughly look over everything, so that your car is always up-to-date. Every time your car pulls up to our doors, you can be at ease knowing that you’re getting the best service!

10 Season Highlights!


Football season is one of the greatest times of the year! It’s a reason to hang out with your friends, eat delicious finger foods, and cheer for your favorite team. In honor of the 10th anniversary of Sunday Night football and the first game starting on September 10th…here are the 10 of  Crystal Auto Mall highlights!

  1. Construction

A great deal of time and effort was invested into reconstructing and expanding the service drive and showroom. Our customers and employees tackled obstacles throughout construction such as fumes and loud noises, as we counted down to the grand reopening!


  1. Baby Picture Contest

This contest was a sure touchdown with the Crystal employees! Employees had to guess which baby picture belonged to whom. The person with the most correct matches scored an awesome prize! Together, we traveled down memory lane to the days when we were little, adorable, and had hair.


  1. Employee Family and Friend Grand Reopening Celebration!

There is nothing better than showing off our new work place than with those closest to us! The ice cream and food truck galore was very popular with  our guests. The memory board we created was a great play-by-play display of how far we have come.


  1. New Owners Event

The cowboy hats and BBQ was a great way to kick-off our cowboy themed new owners event. Mohammed, one of our sale reps had a great time offering helpful tips at this fun and informative event. Make sure to ask about the upcoming owners’ event to so you can participate!

Getting ready for his presentation!
  1. National Night Out

One of my personal favorites was National Night Out because it was a great opportunity to hang out to the local residents and help out the Green Brook Police Dept. With music, food, and bouncy houses, Crystal Auto Mall was proud to be a part of this fun and memorable event. Our Toyota Sienna was the MVP of night, being that was very popular amongst kids as they climbed through it and took a ride in the front seat.


Kevin Curran from Toyota Motor sales and Michael Rendine, one of the Crystal Auto Mall owners, presenting their donation to the N.J. Survivor & Welfare Fund.
  1. Winner of the First Facebook Promotion

Our new Facebook campaign makes getting into a new car easier! If you match the number of likes on the photo taken with you and your car with your monthly payment, Crystal Auto Mall will write a check for that amount.  That is something to surely cheer about! Here is a flashback to our first winner of the Facebook Campaign, Danielle Williams:

Congrats Ms. Williams!
  1. Kidsfest at Rutgers University

If it is not a check, it could be a flat screen TV! We had a great time at the Rutgers Kidsfest, with our Mazda CX-9 and Toyota Highlander. Our candy and goody bags were a huge hit, but everyone wanted a chance at winning a brand new flat screen TV. Danielle was our lucky winner! Although I wish I could have entered myself, it was fun picking the winner and giving her a call with the awesome update.

Alan Mine and I at our table!
Danielle picking up her awesome prize!
  1. Customer Grand Reopening with Magic 98.3

Of course, we had a special day just for our customers to come celebrate and tour our new home. We had DJs from Magic 98.3 join us to raffle awesome prizes like tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure and concert tickets for Rascal Flatts…(yes, we love doing giveaways). It was a beautifully spent day with a BBQ and fun prizes.

The winner of four tickets to Six Flags Great Adventure!
  1. Cash Bash!

Here at Crystal, we love three major sports: Football, Soccer, and Baseball.  So, we had a sports themed cash bash this year where our staff wore their favorite team jersey. Although many were supporting rival teams, we had a great time trying to win some cash!


  1. Petstravaganza

Just like your car, your pet is a huge part of your life.  The staff brought in photos of their beloved pet with their car. The cutest picture with the most votes won. If only new cars came with an adorable puppy inside every time.

Ezzat Megaly Remi
How cute?!

These are the top 10 highlights from the past few months! We are excited for football season to start, so make sure your tailgate ready!

The Somerset County Caper!

At Crystal, our staff loves watching the Amazing Race, so we are super excited for the upcoming season to start this month.

News Alert: We are going have a special blog in honor of our favorite show!

Coincidentally, we discovered that there was an amazing race happening in our very own community; so we stopped by to see all the action.

Hosted by the Somerset County Park Commission, their annual Advanced County Caper is a local spin-off of the Amazing Race. It is designed to help the residents get to know the beautiful parks in Somerset County.

Colonial Park

Thirty-five adult teams traveled to different parks to search for clues that lead them to the finish line.  Despite the heat, these teams didn’t slow down for a second!

Announcing the winners!

To reward the teams, we brought reusable water bottle gifts and showcased our 2014 Prius! Without compromising style and great standard features, the Prius continues to be one of the leading eco-friendly vehicles, with 51 city/48 highway mpg.

2014 Certified Pre-Owned Prius!
Our bottles came in super handy after the race!

We are proud to work the Somerset County Park Commission to help people learn more about the environment and ways to preserve it!