New Car Seat Laws!

2015 Toyota Sienna

As summer begins to wind down, parents and students alike are getting ready to go back to school. But, the leaves aren’t the only things changing this fall. The car seat legislation has been revised and will officially be implemented this month.



Here are the new rules:

Infant to age 2:

Children must be placed in a five point harness car seat that faces the rear if the child is under 30 Ibs and under the age of 2.

Once the child has exceeded weight and age limit, the car seat can be face forward.


Ages 2 – 4

Children under the age of 4 or under 40 lbs must remain in either a rear facing or a forward facing car seat with a five point harness in the back seat of a vehicle.

Once the child has exceeded the weight or age limited, they can switch to a booster seat.

Placing the car seat inside the Sienna

Ages 4 – 8:

Children under the age of 8 or 57 inches tall must remain in the back of the vehicle in a booster seat.

Once the child has exceeded that weight and height, they are eligible to use a regular seat belt.


When can a child sit in the front seat?

If the vehicle does not have a back seat such as a pickup truck or sports car; car seat and booster seat regulations still apply.

Also, the vehicle passenger-side airbag must be disabled if a rear facing car seat is strapped into the front seat of the vehicle


What if you don’t comply?

Those who don’t follow the new laws will face fines ranging from $50- 75.

We wish everyone a safe and successful school year!



Helpful Prius Tips!



The Prius is a unique vehicle in comparison to non-hybrid cars. Because of its high fuel efficiency, it runs differently. Here are a couple of helpful tips.

Tip One: How to jump-start

Jump starting a Prius is  slightly different from the conventional vehicle, but it can be easily done with another vehicle or the Quick-kick unit, found on the right side of the cargo.

Step 1:

Open the hood and locate the fuse block cover, and take off the lid.

Picture of Find Fusebox

Step 2:

  1. Clip the positive lead of the jumper cables to the positive jump starting terminal in the Prius.
  2. Connect the other positive lead to the positive battery terminal of the assisting vehicle OR to the positive terminal in the Quick-kick unit that will be providing auxiliary power.
  3. Attach the negative lead to a solid, unpainted piece of metal, and away from any moving parts. A great place is the hood release hook, as shown below:       arrow

Step 3

  1. Start the engine of the assisting vehicle or turn on the Quick-kick unit. If you are using a second vehicle, gently start to rev the engine for a few minutes. A typical whirring sound may occur once the power has been restored.
  2. Then, start the Prius by pressing push to start and pressing the brake.
  3. The “Ready” light will turn on the indicator panel when the battery has been recharged.


Step 4

  1. When the hybrid system has started, remove the cables in the opposite order you attached them. Follow this: 1. Negative lead attached to a metal piece. 2. Negative lead on the assisting vehicle/Quick-kick device. 3. Positive lead on the assisting vehicle/Quick-kick. 4. Positive lead on the jump starting terminal of the Prius.

Make sure to properly place the lid on the fuse box and close the hood.

The owner’s manual of the Toyota Prius recommends that after a jump start procedure is finished, you should have the vehicle inspected by a professional. You can schedule that appointment by clicking here. 

Tip Two: Gear Shift B  

Some Prius drivers may have noticed the B shift gear and may not know what its purpose is; so this tip comes from our staff because it is a frequently asked question.

The B shift selector is for Engine Braking; and should be used when descending. This gear should be used to control the speed, instead of the brakes. Braking while descending may cause the vehicle’s brake pads to overheat and fail. Remember to shift gears to B when going downhill, to help save energy and protect your brakes.

We hope these tips come in handy!

National Night Out!




On August 4th 2015 we were honored to work with the Green Brook Police Department for National Night Out! This event is held annually as a community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie.

The same day Toyota Motor Sales was at the dealership to congratulate us on completing our renovation project. Kevin Curran and his staff came to tour the facility and present Michael Rendine, General Manager with a donation in his honor to the N.J. Survivor & Welfare Fund.

Crystal Auto Mall always supports the local Police Department and they matched the funds making the donation a really special event. Green Brook PBA President Adam Siedel and Officer Dan Lanzafama were presented both checks.

From left to right: Kevin Curran, Adam Siedal, Dan Lanzafama, and Michael Rendine

After the presentation, both the officers and I hurried over to the Green Brook Middle School to set up for the National Night out event.

It was great meeting the residents and catching up with some of our  own customers. I set up our station with a 2015 Toyota Sienna, I brought all kinds of giveaways and sweet treats!

We brought sporty drawstring bags, with water bottles and other awesome gifts inside!


The Sienna was like a mini playground on wheels; the kids loved climbing through, playing in the trunk, and pretending to drive.



To my surprise, the Sienna was a bigger attraction than the bouncy houses! Children proudly wore their police badges Crystal helped give them, as they used the giant touch screen to call for back-up to help save the day!



For others, the Sienna was a great place to relax and recharge before their next adventure. One particular kid found it so comfortable he didn’t want to leave; until it was time to eat…then his mom forced him out.

We went on some CRAZY adventures with the Sienna! TO THE RESCUE!!

Parents loved the Sienna as well! Many of them are already proud Crystal Toyota owners. As they approached our table, before introducing themselves, many of them greeted me saying, “This reminds me that I need to schedule my next service!” I was glad to serve as a friendly reminder.

Towards the end, I played an intense one-on-one soccer game. With regret, I lost.

Overall, the day was spent with amazing people! We loved working with the Police Department and reaching out to the local community.



It’s time, iM Here!

This flashy hatchback aims to bridge the gap between practicality and functionality. The stylish Scion iM packs a punch by delivering great standard features such as dual-zone climate control and a backup camera. Not only that, but it also comes with Bluetooth and a Pioneer Audio 7 – inch Display screen, keeping you connected at the touch of a button.  All these amazing features can be yours at around $20,000 or less!

better inside

To keep things going, the 2016 Scion iM hatchback also provides an efficient 4-cylinder engine that will provide drivers with an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 37 mpg highway. Also, your engine is cared for by Scion Boost which is a 2 year or 25,000 mile no-cost service plan! On top of that, Scion is providing stylish alloy wheels to go with this vehicle and fantastic new color choices to pick from!


If you want a fun new car, which provides plenty of amazing standard features at a phenomenal price, come check out the new Scion iM and take it for a test drive. The Scion iM hits our showroom this fall!

Customer Grand Re-Opening Celebration!

On Saturday July 25th, Magic 98.3 joined us for our Customer Grand opening event.  We had great weather for the event.  The day was spent giving away prizes enjoying the BBQ and listening to some summer time tunes.

Some of the prizes given away were tickets for Six flags Great Adventure, Rascal Flatts concert tickets and tickets to see  Led Zeppelin cover artists at the New Jersey State Theatre.


Families and children gathered around the tent to spin the wheel in hopes that they would win their favorite prize. Even some of the employees tried their luck!

Brittany, one of our service employees




David and Rob, two of the DJs, did a great job getting everyone pumped for their weekend ahead! Everyone wanted in on the excitement, whether they were here to purchase a car or service a vehicle or just stopping by to say hello.

“Should we do a sassy pose?” – David the DJ on the left

We are not just your ultimate destination for buying and servicing your car, we are also your extended family.  Stay tuned for more events in the future because we are just getting started!