Curbing Hunger!

Last month, the Somerset County Food Bank ran a Curb Hunger campaign to help raise non-perishable food items to support needy families in the local community. The Crystal Auto Mall staff got together to collect items and help out. I was lucky enough to personally deliver the items and meet the passionate and hardworking staff at the food bank.

image (2)

On the day of delivery, I traveled in a  beautiful Blizzard Pearl Highlander Limited, and took total advantage of all its features. My favorite, which I like to consider as my extra pair of eyes, was the Blind Spot Monitoring. There is a light on each side view mirror that turns on to signal you when there is a vehicle in your blind spot; a great way to double check when it is safe to switch lanes.

image (3)
The bottom picture shows the blind spot signal light turned on on the left side of the mirror

The Highlander offers a comfortable drive, with easy seat and steering wheel adjustments; the captain’s chair feels more like a throne. This three-row vehicle has room for everyone and everything! By pulling down the third- row seats, I was able to load our giant box of food in the back; and with the cargo net, everything stayed in place.

image (4)
The bottom right image shows the buttons that easily adjust the captain’s chair

When I pulled up, I was warmly greeted by the staff. It was an honor to present them with our food items and a check, knowing that we were able to make a big  difference for our community. We look forward to working with the Somerset Food Bank again, as much as I look forward to driving the Highlander again!

Marie, one of the staff members, is such a sweet lady! Loved getting to meet her!

If you would like to help to the Food Bank Network of Somerset County check out their website @


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