Shark Week? Camry Week!



It’s the most wonderful week of the year…because it’s SHARK WEEK. As we watch the most anticipated episodes of the sea’s most exotic and fierce creatures, Crystal Auto Mall is giving you the opportunity to take advantage of our fierce sales on the Camry. The week just got so much better, because it’s CAMRY week!

Like the shark, the Camry has an aggressive look that steals the spotlight on the road. The 2015 Camry has been redesigned from end to end and curve by curve, offering an upscale driving experience at an affordable price.

Let’s take a closer look!

The exterior has been redesigned, starting with the aggressive grill in the front. The new sporty XSE trim level gives it a sleek look. With the exception of the sunroof, every panel has been changed, including the taillights and the arch over the wheel.


The Camry is also stocked with the latest technological features, like the back-up camera, to help make driving a much safer experience. Other features include pre-collision system, lane departure alert, blind spot monitoring, and rear cross traffic alert.


There is a whole lot to bite into with this car, so dive into Camry week with us and take advantage of our KILLER deals!


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