Toyota and Our Soldiers!

Crystal Auto Mall is proud to support the 9th Annual Chris Cosgrove III Golf Outing this year! Hosted by MarinesCare, this event was created in memory of L/Cpl Chris Cosgrove who lost his life to a suicide bomber in Iraq.

Mrs. Hackett, one of our long time customers and a MarinesCare representative, delivers donated gifts like personalized pillow cases and care packages to soldiers recovering in hospitals in the tri-state area. She needed a car that could keep up with all her travels and that had enough space for all the soldiers’ gifts. In the end, the 2015 RAV4 was the perfect match!

She mentioned that last year enough money was raised to provide an injured soldier with a service dog.

Knowing what a huge difference this event makes, we jumped on board again! We donated a gift card, an exclusive discount certificate, and goody bags filled with golf supplies.


This year,  MarinesCare raised over $30,000,  double what they raised last year… enough donate two service dogs. We happily look forward to working with this organization again.

From all of us at Crystal Auto Mall, we want to give VERY BIG THANK YOU to all those who serve our country. Thanks for all that you do!


Employee Grand Re-Opening Celebration Event!



On Wednesday July 24, 2015 Crystal Auto Mall hosted a Grand Re-opening Celebration event for employees and their families. Everyone was excited to show off their new work place.



I invited a few of my friends just to show off my awesome workplace. I even showed them the very desk where these blogs are written and published from.



The event had a variety of food and refreshments, and an ice cream truck for the kids.


It even had the Lombardi’s Pizza Truck, from Martinsville, NJ come and make delicious wood fired pizzas’ right in the parking lot. We even had and ice cream truck for the kids.


Everyone enjoyed the food and the chance to meet coworkers’ family and friends.


Although the goody bags were a huge hit with the kids, the moment they spotted their favorite car in the showroom, they sprinted over to sit in the driver’s seat. Parents were lucky if they could convince them to get out. Hey, with shiny cars like the Mazda6 and Avalon in the room, who wouldn’t run over?


As we all gathered around for the cutting of the cake, Michael Rendine, one of the owners of Crystal, thanked everyone for sticking it out through the construction and for coming to celebrate the final result! The day was a huge success, and we look forward to having these types of events in the future.

The staff is more pumped and determined to deliver the best sales and service experience for all our customers, both old and new. We look forward to sharing the journey ahead with our friends, family, and of course, the best, loyal, and patient customers any dealership could ask for!

Our 25th year anniversary has been nothing short of spectacular!

Here is the full album on Facebook!

PS –, Now it’s YOUR turn to come out and celebrate with us! Join us tomorrow, July 25th from 10 – 12 pm with Magic 98.3, for a BBQ and the chance to win some awesome prizes!  

Curbing Hunger!

Last month, the Somerset County Food Bank ran a Curb Hunger campaign to help raise non-perishable food items to support needy families in the local community. The Crystal Auto Mall staff got together to collect items and help out. I was lucky enough to personally deliver the items and meet the passionate and hardworking staff at the food bank.

image (2)

On the day of delivery, I traveled in a  beautiful Blizzard Pearl Highlander Limited, and took total advantage of all its features. My favorite, which I like to consider as my extra pair of eyes, was the Blind Spot Monitoring. There is a light on each side view mirror that turns on to signal you when there is a vehicle in your blind spot; a great way to double check when it is safe to switch lanes.

image (3)
The bottom picture shows the blind spot signal light turned on on the left side of the mirror

The Highlander offers a comfortable drive, with easy seat and steering wheel adjustments; the captain’s chair feels more like a throne. This three-row vehicle has room for everyone and everything! By pulling down the third- row seats, I was able to load our giant box of food in the back; and with the cargo net, everything stayed in place.

image (4)
The bottom right image shows the buttons that easily adjust the captain’s chair

When I pulled up, I was warmly greeted by the staff. It was an honor to present them with our food items and a check, knowing that we were able to make a big  difference for our community. We look forward to working with the Somerset Food Bank again, as much as I look forward to driving the Highlander again!

Marie, one of the staff members, is such a sweet lady! Loved getting to meet her!

If you would like to help to the Food Bank Network of Somerset County check out their website @

Shark Week? Camry Week!



It’s the most wonderful week of the year…because it’s SHARK WEEK. As we watch the most anticipated episodes of the sea’s most exotic and fierce creatures, Crystal Auto Mall is giving you the opportunity to take advantage of our fierce sales on the Camry. The week just got so much better, because it’s CAMRY week!

Like the shark, the Camry has an aggressive look that steals the spotlight on the road. The 2015 Camry has been redesigned from end to end and curve by curve, offering an upscale driving experience at an affordable price.

Let’s take a closer look!

The exterior has been redesigned, starting with the aggressive grill in the front. The new sporty XSE trim level gives it a sleek look. With the exception of the sunroof, every panel has been changed, including the taillights and the arch over the wheel.


The Camry is also stocked with the latest technological features, like the back-up camera, to help make driving a much safer experience. Other features include pre-collision system, lane departure alert, blind spot monitoring, and rear cross traffic alert.


There is a whole lot to bite into with this car, so dive into Camry week with us and take advantage of our KILLER deals!

The Future in Cars


The car industry has come a long way with its improvement in technology and fuel efficiency. As the future of cars seems to be quickly approaching, (although we are all waiting for the day we can purchase our first flying car), Toyota is offering a new and exciting vehicle to the family…the Mirai.

Japanese for future, the Mirai is the first Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle (HFCV) in the Toyota lineage of awesomeness. Hydrogen fuel efficiency vehicles have been in the making for over the past 20 years, and Toyota is one of the few manufacturers to finally offer it in the market.

Let’s go back in time to our high school chemistry class (which I personally hated) to get a basic understanding of how it works.

So here is an EXTREMELY RUDIMENTARY explanation of how HFCV works:

Hydrogen is the simplest and most abundant element in our Universe, which is the element used to help run the car.


Hydrogen cells are pumped and stored to the carbon fiber fuel tank. The grill in the front of the vehicle takes in air which is stored in the fuel cell stack. Then, the hydrogen travels from the fiber fuel tank to the fuel cell stack; the chemical reaction that takes place with the Oxygen creates electricity which powers the vehicle. As a result, the only by-product created is water, which leaves through the tailpipe.

The Mirai not only offers eco-friendly emissions, but it also has a sleek and futuristic look that captures the eye.

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It refuels in up to five minutes and has up to 300 miles per fill.

The Mirai is currently offered in parts of California, due to a higher concentration of hydrogen stations. In comparison, the Prius, one of the most popular electrical vehicles in the market, continues to be a huge success among consumers; it will be interesting to see how the market reacts to the continuous growing stages of the Hydrogen fuel economy.