Mazda CX-3

MAZDA rises to the occasion, taking the lead in creating a more compact crossover. We introduce to you, drum roll please… the MAZDA CX-3! The CX-3 is built smaller than the CX-5 and larger than the average sedan.  Expected to go on sale in the Fall of 2015, the goal of the CX-3 is to bring the exciting technological features of the larger models at an affordable price for people of all backgrounds. The MSRP is expected to start in the low $20,000.

There is a lot to expect out of the fifth KODO- Soul of Motion vehicle being released in the US. Of course, there is the SKYACTIV 2.0 liter 6 speed automatic engine. Mazda continues to strive to be fuel efficient with all its vehicles, the expected MPG is 29/35.



The CX-3 has an upscale appearance, both inside and out. Mazda is known for its impeccable attention to detail, which is what sets them apart from other makers and the CX-3 from other competitive compact cross-overs.  The seats are designed with premium dark red seat stitching with more shoulder room and legroom for utmost comfort. The back seats are elevated and set slightly inboard to ease conversation with front and rear passengers, so you don’t have to lean towards the front to hear the latest gossip! There are great standard features including push to start, Mazda Connect infotainment system, 7” display screen, and quality feeling in the controls and buttons.

inside cx-3



The CX-3 is designed to look like as though the car is always in motion…even when it is not. Every aspect is created to sleek and energetic, starting with the signature wing grill with seven fins.  The sharp design of the headlamps is created to look like forward gazing eyes. Mazda now has an entirely new paint process, with their unique metallic colors; the entire presentation of the car is distinctive.

cx3 front

The CX-3 is highly maneuverable making it easy to drive through city streets and curvy roads. It is the sum of capability, comfort, and performance.


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