2015 Toyota RAV4 Review

20150517_132107 I previously posted a list of local getaways with a suggested car. So to not be left out, my friends and I took our own mini getaway to Baltimore, Maryland for Preakness! We took a 2015 Toyota RAV4, to experience how it drives and all its features, and OMG – it was awesome!

Getting ready to head out in the RAV4!


As I pulled up to my friend’s house, their jaws dropped as they watched the beautiful bright red RAV4 glisten in the driveway. We loaded our bags in the spacious rear, which has a button to automatically open it.  My friends hopped into the back seat and the first thing they noticed was the ample amount of leg room! Not only is there enough space, but they could even recline their seats so that they could sit as comfortable as possible.

You know the rear is spacious when you can pack your bags…and your friends!


When I went to park, the one thing I LOVED was the back-up camera. This was my FIRST time ever driving a cross-over, so the back-up camera made it so easy for me to parallel park and to go in reverse.

Confession: my friends and I enjoy blasting our favorite songs. We customized the radio station playlist with the touch display screen, and easily connected our iPod, so we were always listening to our favorite tunes! With the Bluetooth and voice command features, we can kept in touch with our family and friends to keep them updated with all the fun we were having.

The controls on the steering wheel help you stay focused and still be able to adjust the volume, use voice command and other features!


We always hung out at the shops and restaurants near the harbor. The navigation easily guided us to every place we visited. But the coolest feature that we used every day was the Open Table app, found in Entunes Suite App, which allowed us to make reservations in the car! If only it could get us all to agree on a restaurant in the first place!

We decided to eat Cuban!
20150519_181143 (1)
Navigation is one of many features that make traveling easy and enjoyable! The Open Table app in Entunes was one of our favs!


But what was the cherry on top? For me, how eco-friendly the vehicle is with 24/31 mpg. The car started with 3798 miles, and ended the trip with 4200 miles. We only had to fill up the 16 gallon tank once! So you can finish jamming out to Journey without having to worry about stopping for gas so many times.

Thankfully, Mary knew how to pump gas herself! She taught the rest of us Jersey gals!


After driving the RAV4 for the entire weekend, I am slightly concerned I won’t be able to readjust back to my own sedan, because I really did fall in love with how nicely it drove. I encourage all of you test drive the RAV4, just you can see and feel how it drives. Trust me, once you get behind the wheel, you won’t want to leave!




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